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Best Steam Vac - Finding The Best Steam Cleaner

Welcome to! This site reports on my search for the best steam vac or steam cleaner I could find for my house. In my quest for the best cleaning solution I came across multiple options that I will describe here.

Perhaps by reading my story you will be able to get a grain of insight about what would be the best steam vacuum or best steam mop or steamer would best serve your needs, whether you have to clean your entire house, from the kitchen tiles to the living room hardwood floor to the bedroom carpet and also for the bathroom shower head, doors, toilets and sinks.

Let me first explain what I started with and then tell you what options I went through and how I decided which were the best carpet steam cleaners that I ended up buying. It is a story full of twists and turns...

What steam vacuum criteria I started with

Maybe you are in a similar situation as I am. Even though I clean the bathroom tiles and floors regularly, and I vacuum the carpet in the living room, the nasty black scum still covers the tiles in the bathroom, the dirt still accumulates around the toilet and sinks, and the carpet features several dark stains, or dark spots.

The tile grout in the bathroom shower is a pain to get rid of manually. It takes a lot of rubbing with a brush using a tile cleaner chemical. The toilet after years of use shows some calcium buildup or similar, and the living room carpet which is normally off-white color, is showing numerous black or dark stains.

My criteria for choosing the best steam vac solution was: The solution needs to be economical, and simple. I am not ready to spend hundreds of dollars on equipment that may not work. It needs to clean both the carpet stains, the tile grout and removing the calcium buildup on the toilet and the sinks. Cleaning upholstery in the house is a plus.

Unlike some people, I am not completely against using chemicals, although, some may be toxic, and I do want to minimize the use of tough and very likely toxic chemicals, just to be on the safe side.

Option number one: Getting a steam vacuum brands such as Rug Doctor Mighty Pro or Hoover SteamVac

These seemed great options for the best floor steam cleaner for the carpet in my living room. The Mighty Pro is a really big version, more costly, and seems to be powerful enough to do the job of cleaning the carpet well. The Hoover SteamVac series is smaller, less expensive, and seemed to be fit for the job as well. Especially, since there is only three rooms to vacuum, and the bedroom carpets are by far not as dirty as the living room carpet.

These are both great options but too bulky for my taste, and they both use chemicals, so I decided I do not want to buy them. Another disadvantage was that even the best steam vac was useless for cleaning bathroom tiles and spaces around the toiled and the sinks. So I continued to search...

Option number two: Getting a steam cleaner, or a steam mop

Now these seemed great solutions for cleaning tiles, carpets, hard floors, and also to get into tight spaces such as in-between the bathroom tiles. The added advantage is that the steamer will work with just water, no toxic chemicals or no chemicals at all.

On the flip side, reading customer testimonials for steam cleaners, I was not convinced that, a steam mop, or even a bigger steamer, or steam cleaner, would be able to remove the stains from my carpet.

Verdict: Rent a steam vacuum, and buy a steam cleaner

In my situation, based on all of the above, was to rent the best steam vac I can get my hands on, probably a Bissell steam vacuum, Hoover SteamVac, Shark steam vac, or a Rug Doctor
. I will rent it for a day either from Ralphs (a grocery store), or from the Home Depot, and then to purchase a steam cleaner, most likely a Vapamore.

To be continued...


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